With years of experience you can be assured your dub with be dealt with professionally and with care throughout.  We maybe small but can take on your series, one off documentary etc in our dedication control room.  We can also track-lay, dialogue edit etc off-site or in our small edit suite.

A booth located within our main live room is used for all voice over recordings.  Everything is done to picture and whether it's full TV, narration or ADR we can provide high quality results.

The live room is also home to our foley recordings.  This large space is perfect for all foley recordings from footsteps to unique designed sounds.


We can also create a excellent room for podcast or radio recording.  We can easily fit a number of people in our live room to record live or build up your programme.  We have experience in both radio cast recordings and podcasts with presenters and guests.

We can also provide space for rehearsals and for music recording and rehearsals.  Please see our sister company's website www.transmissionroom.co.uk  for more details.