Diane Jardine - Credit List


Dubbing Mixer  -        Location, Location, Location - IWC for CH 4
(2010 onwards)         Scot Squad - Comedy Unit for BBC iplayer
                                  The Wee Govan Pipers - Media Co-op for BBC Alba
                                  Phil Spencer Secret Agent - Raise The Roof for CH 4 - (8 series)
                                  Location, Location, Reversion - IWC for Ch4 - (various series)
                                  Holiday Of My Lifetime - Raise The Roof for CH4
                                  100 Years of the Sunday Post - Caledonia TV for BBC
                                  Panorama - Scotland Decides x 2 - BBC1
                                  The People's Painting: A Mural for Glasgow - BBC Scotland
                                  Just Dandy - Caledonia TV for BBC Scotland
                                  Creating The Kelpies - Caledonia TV for BBC Scotland
                                  DIY Dummies - IWC for Channel 5
                                  More Creatures Great & Small - BBC2
                                  Kirstie's Fill Your House For Free - (1x series) -Raise The Roof
                                 The Culture Show: Lady Gaga - BBC1
                                 The Harbour  - Tern for BBC Scotland - (2 x series)
                                 Secret Agent Down Under - Raise The Roof for CH4
                                 One Day In......... - Tern TV
                                 Britain's Heritage Heroes - Tern TV for BBC2
                                 How To Haggle For A House - Raise The Roof for CH 4


Foley Editor -         Afterlife - dir. Alison Peebles (2003)
                              Solid Air - dir. May Miles Thomas (2003)
                              Blinded - dir. Eleanor Yule (2004)
                              Red Road -  dir. Andrea Arnold (2006)

Dubbing Mixer -     A Spanking in Paradise - dir. Wayne Thallon (2010)
                                   winner Edinburgh FF Audience Award


                              Summer of ........ - for Radio Scotland (mixer)
                              Fags, Mags & Bags - for BBC 4 (cast recordings)