Phil Spencer: Secret Agent

Raise The Roof for CH4

Location Revisit

IWC for CH4

The Wee Govan Pipers

Media Co-op for BBC Alba

Scot Squad

Comedy Unit for BBC iplayer

Bus Glaschu

HG Productions for TG4

Homes Under The Hammer

Lion  TV for  BBC

For a full credit list please click the link below to see a more extensive list


We have dubbed videos for the following corporate companies for their advertising, in-house training etc:


Royal Bank Of Scotland

Clydesdale Bank

Responsible Fishing Scheme

Nationwide Building Society



Sonido has been involved in the recordings of many diverse situations including choirs, string-quartets, foley, voice for animation etc etc.


We have recorded external sound FX for companies and recorded music for bands and other musical ventures.


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