Sonido can dub your programme to all accepted broadcast standards, following EU or other worldwide regulations.  With over 15 years in the industry, and over 200 hours of network credits, you are guaranteed your programme will be handled in a professional manner and be given full attention to detail. 


From the track-lay, to the voice-over, to the foley and to your final mix, Sonido can cope with all your wishes whether it is an individual programme or a full series.


We can deliver to the standard required by file delivery.  However, we can also make arangements for lay-back to tape if necessary.


Our engineer's credit list is available here.




We can record your voice-over to picture or wild, the choice is yours.


We can accommodate full cast recordings for radio etc, and can create a smaller more intimate booth for VOs.


We have a functional foley area to record all your foley needs.


We have an extensive FX and music library and have access to the broadcast music libraries.


Here at Sonido we also record and write music.  This can be done with our sister company Transmission Room which provides a full music recording facility.  Whether it's a rock band or a string-quartet, we can record it for you.  Check the link on the name above for details.


Whether it's the VO for a small 10 second advert or for a full series, Sonido can get it all sorted for you whilst liasing with other facilities or production companies to make sure your needs are met.




Our Dubbing Mixer:

Diane Jardine

With 15+ years plus expeience in the sound industry, Diane has mixed over 200 hours of network television and been involved in sound for everything from theatre shows to feature films. 


Sonido was opened in 2015 to expand her recording adventures.

Diane also lectures part-time at Glasgow Clyde College in Sound Production, TV and Media.